Playing Par 3 golf in Adelaide

Par 3 is not so easy

Unless you control the rules

My cousin Graham plays at a Par 3 in Adelaide which looks easy but is certainly not easy. I played really badly and I can only blame the foreign golf clubs. He normally plays with his brother -in-law, Barry, but today Barry cannot play golf because of a recent back operation.

However Barry can walk with us and critique our shots. He can also adjudicate by giving his interpretation of the Rules of Golf. Who says that local golf rules should conform to foreign golf rules?

This practice is dangerous to all

Golf practice in the yard

Backyard divots

We live in the country in a small town/village/hamlet and the nearest driving range is 75 kms away. Not easy to pop around for a spare hour or so.

So golf practice is against a  plastic net material strung up in a stall of the old stables.

This particular session was devoted to where the divots are created. I have noticed that I more often than not do not create a divot at all and here I am trying deliberately to make a divot after hitting the ball. This is what the pros always say “Hit the ground after the ball”.

I must reveal that hardly any players in the local club do not take a divot at all including me.

I probably should have paid more attention to nearby animals and humans than to divots!

I said golf was fun!

When sometimes is enough

Putting for fun

Playing at a public course near me (Brighton Public Course) with my friend Gerry, we could see a longish delay on the 8th hole.

Gerry used my little video camera to record some putting action. It worked a treat and the attention improved my aim.

Seriously though the sound of a putt dropping is extremely harmonious and it seems better when it’s only a 1 putt.