Competitive Golf: Be in it!

I have played with club golfers who are monsters.

Not many out and out cheaters like some guys I caddied for when I was about 14. They would ask me to kick the ball clear of the tree.

Not cheaters but unreasonably rule ridden. I take an informal attitude to my score and also my competition’s score. It’s probably against the spirit of golf but…

It’s probably my Irish origins rather than my Scottish forefathers that are dominant.

However there is a good side to club golf or any round with friends or pickup golfers and that is the social side.

Not having much experience playing with women, I can appreciate how much fun a game of golf can be. Lots of laughs and sincere commiserations when I make a rotten shot.

The ball goes shooting along the ground when I tried to pitch it high and my partner will say “At least it is heading to the flag”.

I say “But I tried to flight the ball near the hole” They say “At least it’s closer to the hole!”