About GolfBlogger

His History

Believe it or not

His Education

Totally irrelevant! All sorts of people play golf, from all walks of life. 

 However the GolfBlogger would certainly claim a classical education.

His Experience & Qualifications

None whatsoever!  Apart from the lessons, the practice, the slomo videos, the internet gurus, golf coaches…they all fall apart on the course. He has however been working on his swing for 35 years.

Coached a few relatives who mainly ignored advice and went their own way. The GolfBlogger certainly did not coach his elder son, Dan, who has a beautiful swing.

His Tournament Record

There is none! Unfortunately a sudden fire just last week destroyed all prizes, press clippings, cups and brightly coloured jackets won by the GolfBlogger on the Pro circuit in Australia, Asia, Europe and the US, including multiple tour victories.

Still that shouldn’t stop a determined GolfBlogger.